NR 1 in total feed efficiency

Topigs Norsvin Nr. 1 in Total Feed Efficiency

Topigs Norsvin is the number one when it comes to Total Feed Efficiency. We produce the most kg of pork per kg of feed. Breeding for efficient production and breeding for vitality makes the difference! Years of this balanced breeding, the latest breeding techniques and our large population of breeding animals mean that your farm can profit from rapid and effective genetic progress. With Topigs Norsvin you can achieve maximum pork production with a minimum of feed! Topigs Norsvin genetics give the highest Total Feed Efficiency across the entire production cycle from farrow to finish. Our genetics are the most efficient feed to pork converters because our sows and finishers have both a low feed conversion and a low mortality. Some important key traits are:

Longevity sows

Topigs Norsvin sows are easy to manage, strong and produce many large litters in a lifetime. Replacement rates are low. This saves feed costs in the production of rearing gilts to replace sows culled. A dry sow that is not inseminated uses feed. Topigs Norsvin sows are known for how easy they come into heat and their high farrowing rates. Topigs Norsvin sows therefore produce more litters per year.

Lactation efficiency and fertility

The outcome of Topigs Norsvin balanced breeding program for sows is a high number of piglets born per litter and a good lactation efficiency. Large litters of heavy piglets stimulate the milk production of our sows. The piglets get a flying start that results in a higher daily growth throughout their lives and a higher feed efficiency. Topigs Norsvin sows are also efficient with feed. They produce at a higher level than other sows using less feed.

Vigorous piglets and finishers

For more than 10 years Topigs Norsvin has bred for piglet vitality. The result is uniform litters of vigorous piglets. Combined with the good mothering abilities of the sows this means a high piglet survival rate during the farrowing period but also scientifically proven better finishing results. The well-nurtured finishers are stronger and more resilient. They therefore reach their slaughter weight in fewer days, which means a higher feed efficiency.

Low mortality finishers

A dead finisher is a double waste. Besides losing kilogrammes of produced pork you lose feed as well. Feed that is used to produce the piglet but also feed that the finisher consumed before it died. Topigs Norsvin pigs are vigorous, which means they have a low mortality rate and high feed efficiency.