First joint products showing great potential – the TN70

22 December 2014

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TN70 v2

Topigs Norsvin together with its partners is testing how the combination of the Topigs Large White lines come together with the Norsvin Landrace in the new parent female, the TN70. The hypothesis “The best of two worlds” seems to hold up through the unique combination of prolificacy, robustness and superior slaughter pig efficiency.

The TN70 is being developed for customers looking for the unique combination of prolificacy, robustness and superior slaughter pig efficiency. TN70 is currently being tested in Europe and in the Americas. The first parent females were produced in Scandinavia and in the USA. Preliminary results indicate high quality of breeding by-products, resulting in reduced costs of gilt production. Reproduction performance of TN70 on commercial farms shows large litters of viable and heavy piglets at birth, resulting in the high survival rates that Topigs Norsvin is known for. In Scandinavia, the first 2nd parity sows are now farrowing and those results look exceptionally promising. TN70 produces more piglets per litter than Norsvin LY. In Norway, a maternal barrows test of TN70 vs. Norsvin LY has just been completed. The results show similar high growth potential, comparable carcass value but an advantage in FCR for TN70 over the Norsvin LY. This is great news as the Norsvin LY is acknowledged for its carcass value, growth potential and efficiency. The first finisher performances in the Netherlands of TN70 offspring also look very promising in terms of growth, efficiency and carcass quality.

We will continue testing the TN70 to present the best possible value proposition to our customers. Our global technical team is developing feeding and management protocols for the TN70. Databases, test protocols and the genetic improvement programmes are coming nicely together with genomic selection fully implemented in all lines and traits supporting Topigs Norsvin products. Commercially, pureline boars are being moved into strategic AI stations to get ready to supply the new TN70 for further large-scale evaluation and commercial usage.