Topigs Norsvin genetics in Brazil’s top 10

5 November 2014

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sow and piglets_small

Five farms using Topigs Norsvin genetics are among the top 10 in Brazil. Every year, Agriness® gathers production data from participating farms in Brazil and ranks their performance. The farms are categorized by size (numbers of productive sows) and ranked based on the number of piglets weaned per sow per year (PSY).

The five farms using Topigs Norsvin genetics ranked among the top 10 in Brazil are:
• Várzea Pau D’Alho: 33.51 PSY (second place);
• Modelo: 32.92 PSY (fourth place);
• Raethia 106: 32.65 PSY (sixth place);
• Volney Willemann: 32.09 PSY (ninth place)
• Raethia 107: 32.02 PSY (tenth place).

According to Éverton Silva, Topigs Norsvin geneticist in Brazil: “Customers must be acknowledged for the high productivity level and progress made over the years. Furthermore, results like these demonstrate the immense genetic potential of Topigs Norsvin animals in practice. This is not just through reproductive outcomes (evaluated and discussed in this contest), but in overall production efficiency and economic aspects as well.”