Topigs Norsvin proud sponsor of European All Star BBQ team

1 April 2015

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Topigs Norsvin is pleased to announce that it has entered a sponsorship agreement with the European All Star BBQ team. This sponsorship brings together two partners who are the top in their business but still have the ambition to be even better. Both have Dutch and Norwegian roots.

 Topigs Norsvin is proud to be sponsor of the European All Star BBQ team. It is one of Europe’s best barbeque teams. Brand and marketing manager Wenche Helseth: “The BBQ team shows a real passion for pork. They are true ambassadors of the product who contribute and provide novel ideas for new tasty pork dishes. Topigs Norsvin is happy to connect its name to this team. They love, live and dream pork.’’ Topigs Norsvin will use the team’s skills at events as well as their experience in pork quality and preparation.

Dirk van Griensven, member of the BBQ team sees many benefits. “We acquire insights into the production and qualities of pork that will enable us to improve our performance. Furthermore, we will be able to tell the story behind pork better to the audience watching us during competitions. That way we can bring the products we use to life and contribute to the image of pork and the industry.’’ Another benefit for the BBQ team is that they gain a better overview of the kind of pork that is available. They get closer to the source of pork.

About The European All Star BBQ team:
The European All Star BBQ team is one of Europe’s top barbeque competition teams. It is the only European team that has been invited five times to the Jack Daniels World Championship in the USA, the absolute top contest in the world for competition barbequing where only the world’s best teams get an invitation to compete. The team of five fanatic barbeque specialists has members from the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. More info